Action is the word …. or is it?

By | December 6, 2016

Small businesses often pride themselves in the energy and skill of their entrepreneur(s).  “We are people of action – that is the secret of our success.” they say.

No one is arguing about the mantra that gets things done in a timely fashion.  However, there must be a time to stop and review what is happening.  Thinking time is as important as action time.

You have heard the saying “he jumped on his horse and galloped off in all directions”.  Not such a good idea! Businesses need to be quite clear about where they are going and how they plan to get there.  Sometimes an orderly progression at a steady, controlled pace will get you to your destination faster than the more organic and maybe somewhat disorganised way.

This is where spending time with your mentor or business coach is worthwhile.  I recommend working (acting) on the thinking part of your business at least once every month.  When you do that, it is essential that you know your numbers.  How is the business really performing?  Where are the bottle necks?  What is my strategy over the next month?

Just the simple discipline of going over your plans with your mentor where you need to explain and justify your plans and strategies, brings clarity and a certain accountability.  Such sessions are ideal for the smaller businesses that cannot afford to support a formal board of directors.

Think about it.  Call me on 0412 566 606 if you think that this approach would help your business.


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