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A Small Business is not a little Big Business – Part 2

In the previous post Welsh and White (1981) argued that just the size of small businesses creates special conditions “which can be referred to as resource poverty – that distinguishes them from their larger counterparts and requires some very different management approaches”.  Small businesses usually cannot afford to pay for the professional services they need to implement… Read More »

Cash Flow is King …

In my experience, many business owners focus their attention on the Profit and Loss (P & L) Statement when considering their plan.  “As long as I am making a profit everything will then fall into place.” they say.  Not so …. Most small business owners who are not usually trained in accounting do not understand the importance… Read More »

How do you know if a business is “in Control”?

Whilst how best to control a business is a complex issue and people write papers or even whole books on the topic, this post explores some of the main characteristics of a business that is in control. The final measure of success is that the business can consistently trade profitably. You cannot get around the fact that… Read More »