Custom Software

A common outcome when working with business clients is to make use of customised software applications to streamline information flows and to monitor performance.  The Claris FileMaker database system is designed for rapid and agile development of customised business information systems.  My philosophy is to “Teach a person to fish. Give that person a fishing rod. Don’t give that person a fish.”  With FileMaker much can be achieved beginning with a basic system that is gradually improved and enhanced over time.  I teach clients how to maintain their own systems to the extent that they prefer, together with training sessions as required.

Whilst not a “gun coder”, I am an accomplished “experienced developer” mainly using Claris FileMaker in conjunction with other well known apps such as Excel, various accounting, point of sale, web and similar applications.  My forte lies in being able to model complex financial systems so that the user can try out different scenarios or more clearly understand possibilities or sensitivities to various events.  I am also able to develop models of physical systems as I did for predicting solar powered water delivery profiles where input parameters included location, solar array stationary or tracking, solar radiation profiles, pump and motor performance, different bore hole depths or surface system head and other parameters.  (This model was developed using Excel.  These days I would use Claris FileMaker.)

I bring to my clients proprietary apps such as my Business in Control Model (BIC Model) for forecasting, measuring actual vs budget and performance measurement via key performance factors.  This app can be delivered to all platforms, Mac, Windows, iPad, iPhone and is usually customised to interface with my client’s accounting package regardless of type (in most cases) and can be modified to include special performance factors (other than the twelve that come with the package).  The BIC Model can have multiple users who maybe working on their planning and performance as part of a working group.

For two years (from 2015) I worked on a number of complex trading system models some of which use vast amounts of past data that need a powerful database package that can handle the processing load.  Some of the apps developed for this work are explained in what follows.

  • SPI Futures volume data management – desktop system;
  • FOREX Matrix Studies looking at Price Variations within Pairs of Currencies – desktop system;
  • Futures Spreads Trading System includes data manipulation for form pairs, creating frequency distributions, simulated trading and results measurement.  User can set multiple variables to test different trading system concepts. Desktop system;
  • Trader Daily Risk Management System for iPad (Futures and FOREX markets);
  • Nikkei Range Bars Trades and Profit/Loss using calculated price levels to initiate trading decisions.  Essentially a decision tree approach to simulate various trading scenarios that are tested over many years of past tick data. Desktop system. Possible future outcome will be an automated trading system.

I have also developed several apps for iPhone and iPad.  In particular, a Membership database system for Residents 3000 a Melbourne based community group.  This system is served from a FileMaker Server supporting up to five users simultaneously.  When the group has their monthly Forum event, attendees are booked in, memberships updated or simply check for current status and guests are recorded.  Usually there are four people working on the system at the time of check-in.  Three on iPhone and one on iPad.  This system has been up and running for approximately two years and is served from FileMaker Server to desktop, iPhone and iPad.

From November 2017, I became involved in developing a system that deals with the Administration and Accounting for Managed Funds.  Several software systems have been developed including:

  • A Unit Register for investors that keeps detailed records of investors’ transactions, personal and entity details, identity validation via Federal Government records and the communication of Fund Performance and the market value of investor holdings.  The software integrates seamlessly with an in-house online application and transaction notification service for investors plus interfaces with a specialist company that deals with AML/CTF and KYC requirements.  Various fund and transactions reports are regularly emailed to investors directly from the FileMaker system.
  • A Crypto Asset Inventory Management System (known as the CAIMS), that processes crypto trading data, portfolio management, blockchain verification of trades, AUD pricing such that monthly profit and loss from trading and asset valuation can be determined.
  • Automatic interface of Interactive Broker trading statements with the Xero accounting system for asset valuation and profit and loss determination.

The latter systems have been developed by Bardak Ventures Pty Ltd, the holding company for Business in Control as part of its services to A4 Funds Pty Ltd.  That work is continuing as at December 2023.