Mentoring Services

Most consulting assignments begin with a series of mentoring sessions in a relaxed, private environment away from your business and interruptions. These sessions are designed to give you the opportunity to work “on” your business.  Mentoring allows time for conceptual thinking that helps you set policy, analyse past performance, try out new ideas with your mentor, debate various perceptions about what is driving your business and discuss many other matters that come up from time to time.

Mentoring sessions are best conducted once per month unless as a result of previous discussions you and your consultant agree to work on a particular project that involves extra input within a defined time frame and budget.

Regardless of the business type, performance mostly boils down to “the numbers”. This is why attention tends to revolve around a business’ management information system.  Together we look to improve work flow procedures, performance measures, marketing reports, point of sale processes, production and inventory control and set up new or revised management tools that assist your business to grow and prosper.

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