Business Ethics

Bardak Ventures Pty Ltd t/as Business in Control (BIC) complies with its own strict business practices that follow a set of principles which guide the way in which the activities of the company are conducted. These operate in addition to any specific requirements which may be needed for an individual assignment. These principles are stated in the following:-

The relationship between BIC and its client is kept confidential at all times unless both explicitly agree otherwise. BIC may however, compile a list of client names for general publicity purposes without inferring anything about the specific nature of the relationship involved with each client.

Whether or not a confidentiality agreement has been entered into with a client, BIC will keep confidential any or all of the information made available to it as part of an assignment or project, whether disclosed intentionally or unintentionally. No information will be disclosed to a third party without the prior consent of the client involved.

Clients will be informed if the company (Bardak Ventures Pty Ltd) is compelled by a court or government to disclose information, and will cooperate with clients to minimise disclosure as far as possible. The confidentiality provision does not apply to information in the public domain or that can be obtained from non-confidential sources other than those of the client or that was already in the possession of BIC prior to undertaking the assignment or project.

BIC does not accept assignments that may involve a conflict of interest with an existing or prior client. If there is any possibility of a conflict of interest arising, the matter will be drawn to the attention of the affected client and, if they have any objection after considering any safeguards that may be able to be applied, the assignment or project will be declined.

BIC does not accept blind assignments, arranged through a third party. The identity of the ultimate client needs to be known.

BIC will not knowingly allow itself to be a party to any actions which may be in breach of the letter or spirit of the laws of those jurisdictions in which it operates.

The company’s research, reports, presentations and advice given to clients will reflect BIC’s own efforts. Where the company makes use of work conducted by others, or relies on the work of others in the public domain, this will be appropriately acknowledged.

BIC respects the copyright and intellectual property rights of third parties and will not knowingly engage in assignments or projects which may infringe upon those rights.

BIC conducts all assignments and project on an objective basis. It will not enter into prior undertakings about the outcome of any assignment nor support positions that are not based on the company’s objective investigations and opinions.