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Cash Flow is King …

In my experience, many business owners focus their attention on the Profit and Loss (P & L) Statement when considering their plan.  “As long as I am making a profit everything will then fall into place.” they say.  Not so …. Most small business owners who are not usually trained in accounting do not understand the importance… Read More »

I’m too busy to plan!

Oh my goodness!  You’re so busy cutting down trees you don’t have time to sharpen the axe.  Sharpen the axe and the trees fall easier. It happens to us all.  Even yours truly!  There are good reasons why you should STOP – make time to plan ahead. “Think ahead” – has been the company motto for years.  You… Read More »

About this Blog

The idea behind this blog is to engage business owners in a conversation about techniques, methods, tricks, systems and other tools that help with the challenging task of managing a small to medium sized business. During my past and present consulting assignments I come across interesting adaptations of known good management practices. After all …… Read More »